8 ~ This Has To End

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Entropis

One arm bent backwards, a shard of snapped bone piercing skin. A leg, mangled and crushed, blood pooling around it and rushing to re-join the trail from where it’d been dragged along the solidifying gravel. The very sight made Silver recoil, her stomach straining to force up its contents. It was little wonder that Iris had passed out, and astonishing that she’d survived at all.

Kia fought to beat back the mutated monsters that had been trying to tear Iris apart, their bodies twisted in overgrown aspects. One hulk made almost entirely of muscle smashed down at her with thick, knotted fists, and she leapt, bouncing off from another, bone shards growing out of its skin to reach around its body in some form of exoskeleton. A third monster clung to the leg of the over-muscled mutant, its limbs wasting away before her eyes as fresh gashes erupted across it, teeth snapping and chattering away from all angles. Above them, another creature watched them, eyes on every limb, every part of its body, sitting atop a platform roof. Even as its eyes met hers, more erupted across its skin.

How was it easier to engage with such unfathomable horrors than it was to look at Iris’ shattered body? Had she been so desensitised to the madness of Schisms that she could rationalise it as just being unreal, of being some warped dream that, once it was over, would never return? But Iris, her pain was so much more real. So much more permanent. With her powers gone, with her striking, glowing blue dress vanished, Silver had barely recognised her. It’d taken Kia’s guidance to realise that the unconscious, normal girl laying there was Iris. More than ever it reminded her that her broken state would last even after the Schism was over, and anything she did wrong now… would Iris be forced to live with it for the rest of her life? If she couldn’t heal her like Kia told her to, if she couldn’t get her back to her original state, would Iris end up being crippled forever?

She knelt next to her and stifled her own gagging at the smell. The air was thick with blood, the girl plastered in sweat, and she could feel the pressure of it all weighing down on her. She’d never felt so heavy, even as she extended her arms and began to concentrate on at least stopping the bleeding. Turning liquid blood into solid flesh. Would that close off veins, or would her intent work its way through her Metasis powers as it had with her own ankle? She hoped so – at the very least, she needed to stabilise the girl so she wouldn’t bleed to death.

Kia had managed to get on top of the muscle-bound hulk, its thick, powerful arms smashing at her as she dodged them. Its head was gone, dissolved by Kia’s magic, but even without it the creature continued to swing at her. Did it not need a brain? These things had once been human, passengers on a train that’d come through the station, despite Kia’s apparent attempts to report a disaster to divert any more on their way. But these were far from human now. A slew of corpses, each of them in varying states of dissolution, trailed off to the derailed train near the edge of the Schism, where it had hit the hardening edge and crumpled into a pile. Iris and Euphie must’ve fought hard to beat back as many as there had been, but it was hard to believe she’d have thought Iris would be okay on her own against these things. Kia was smacked off the top of the hulk by the bone-armoured thing that had climbed up it, but its arm had shattered as it had connected with her. She dropped to the floor, ducked under the hulk and send a powerful blow to the merged ribs of the monster clinging to it.
Somehow, they were still changing. The muscular hulk was getting bigger, its thick arms and legs gradually developing more layers. The skeletal creature was developing in the opposite way, its flesh withering away as its shell became less human, bone merging into a thick, beetle-like carapace that covered its body. The many mouthed thing had lost all control of its limbs and was just laying there, snapping away at nothing, barely an inch of flesh between its many jaws. Were these things really the unrestrained forms of the force she felt when she connected with the Heart? Would her desire to hide have transformed her into some tiny being that disappears into itself in some crude, warped way? What had each of these people wanted that had made Immallea refine them in such ways?

With Iris stabilised, she hesitated over the girl. This wasn’t like a gouge of flesh, transmuting one thing into another. A leg was so many things, bone and blood and muscle and fat. Get the balance wrong and it’d end up like, like those things. She was barely able to get the rings on her necklace to change independently, let alone something as complex as human biology. There was only so much magic could do, surely?

There was a crack and Kia was sent tumbling to the ground, scraping through the condensing gravel towards Silver, and collapsed in a pile of glowing purple. For a moment, Silver caught her breath, fear knifing into her at the thought of facing those things on her own, before Kia began to push herself back up, giggling.

“Ohh the atmosphere’s going, Silver! I can feel it! Or, well, actually I can’t feel anything, but that’s the point! I’m getting high already!”
She tried to restrain her giggling, continuing in a sing-song voice,

“You better get Iris awake real quick so she doesn’t start mel-ting!”
The girl looked up at the creatures, shouting out to them as they lumbered after her, “You call that a punch? That barely even hurt!” she laughed, stumbling forward, one arm clutching her side, “I’ve been smacked around by worse than you!”
She leapt up, still laughing, propelling herself gravity-less through the air, and grabbed the skull of the skeleton creature. Gravity returned to her, and she fell hard, the skull cracking against the ground under her.

Melting? Right, like the corpses from the train. Each of those were melting away, turning to water. She’d learnt somewhere – was it at school? – that people were sixty or seventy percent water, something like that. If this place was refining everything, making them pure, was that why they were melting? Were they turning completely to water? She shook Iris’ shoulders. Kia had said if they were unconscious, their powers wouldn’t protect them. If that was true, Iris’ mangled limbs were the least of her worries. Suddenly she couldn’t tell if the drops were beads of sweat, or Iris herself. If she turned to liquid, how could she ever make her better? Could she fix a melted brain? Could she remake a psyche that’d dripped away? She needed her awake, and she needed it now.

“Come on, Iris!”

She shook the girl again, flooding her senses into her, feeling for some way to wake her, feeling past the tremors of her beating heart and throbbing veins, beyond the steady pulsing flow of air into her lungs. Her need for Iris to wake lead her through each fibre of muscle, through the thick and hardened, then spongy lattice of every bone, her desperation opening her mind to each spark that flooded through her. She sent her energy in, probing and feeling, searching for something to grab onto, to shake and ignite into wakefulness, but there was nothing. Nothing that presented itself to her, or her magic. No switch she could flip that’d wake her. Even as a part of her mind marvelled at the scope of her awareness, she felt heavy with responsibility, her body seeming to be physically weighted by the life in her hands. Iris’ body felt slippery, somehow, both internally and externally, her consistency gradually slipping, slowly melting away. How long did she have? If she could just find a way to change her body into…

To change her into wakefulness. That was what she was, wasn’t she? She was change. Searching for some switch or natural part of Iris to change was pointless, she didn’t even know what she was looking for. Ironic though it might be, it would be Iris who’d know what might wake her. She knew about the body more than anyone. But what had changed one thing into another was intent, focussed and pure. She could feel her energy flooded through the girl’s entire body, what would be so hard about changing her from an unconscious Iris, and into a conscious one?

Iris’ body erupted into a burst of blue light, bright and forceful as fire, but vanishing as the girl’s back arched, her eyes snapping wide open as she gasped at her own sudden return to reality. Her chest heaved, her limbs flailed, fighting to grab, to push away, to gain some measure of perspective once again. Her eyes widened still further once more, and she cried out, her good arm going to the other, clutching it as she tightened into a ball, whimpering as her attempts to move her right leg did nothing.

“Iris, it’s okay! Iris come on, look at me, it’s alright!”

“S-Silver?” Panic still flared in her eyes, and she shrank from the girl, her whole body beginning to shake, “What- what happened? Where? I was… those things they—!”

“It’s okay! Kia’s fighting them off!” In the background, Kia’s giggling was barely audible, but the noises of cracking bone and squelching flesh told her she was still fighting, “It’s the atmosphere, you suffocated! You can’t breathe at the edge, but we got you out! You’ll be safe soon!”

“My arm… it, hohh, my leg as well, oh… God, Silver, it hurts to move, it hurts so much… what, what happened…?”

Iris’ panic was contagious, Silver could feel her body shaking with fear, clutching her heart as it thumped in her chest. All of a sudden she felt sick. She didn’t want to tell Iris about her leg, she didn’t want to reassure her, not when she couldn’t say for sure. When she truly didn’t know if they’d be able to fix her. She could barely force the words to tell her that…

“It’ll be okay, Iris… your leg, and… and arm they, they’re hurt but… we’ll fix you up, no problem, as soon as you’re safe!” She fought to keep the fear from her eyes, “Now you’re awake, it’ll be easy! We just need to get to the centre. Euphie’s at the Heart, waiting for us!”

Iris turned her head, looking over at Kia, who struck blow after blow against the creatures only for their broken flesh and bone to reform, healing up at terrifying speed. She ducked from every blow, keeping them focussed on her and away from the defenceless Iris. The muscle-hulk was so huge now that it towered over them all, swinging its featureless limbs with force enough that the ground shook every time it connected with something, but its speed so slow that Kia dodged its attacks with ease. The armoured bone creature, conversely, was barely moving. What motions it had were slow and grinding, its joints solidifying, with barely any visible gaps between bones, the whole creature almost one solid form. She couldn’t even see the biting one anymore. Kia backpedalled away from another fist as it swung down into the ground where she’d stood, and she paused, panting.

“Okay… hahh, hahh, right… you’re awake… you better… get going.” She straightened up, watching as the monster lumbered after her, “We’re running out of air around here… this fella ain’t gonna last much longer either.”

They watched as she let it charge, a purple matador staring down a bull of pure muscle, only to duck between its thick legs and let it keep going. It struggled to slow down, smashing into one of the pillars holding up the roof of a platform, its sheer weight crumpling it and tugging the roof above down with it, the pillar and roof fused into one and bending together. From above, a single condensed eye of hundreds rolled down the slope and hit the ground, its endless stare unblinking as it melted into the floor. The muscle-monster turned back, oblivious, and began to march once more towards Kia, determined.

“Come on, we’d best get going, if it sees us… well, you can’t move like Kia, can you!” Silver forced a smile, her attempt at humour falling flat as Iris tried to use her good arm to push herself upright, “Hey, hang on, let me help!”
She put her arms under Iris’, and though she flinched and moaned, they began to struggle upright together. The strain was intense, and Silver couldn’t help but wonder when she had become so weak. It was tiring just to stand up again, let alone lift Iris too, and the girl felt like she weighed twice what she should, if not more. Had her fear weakened her? Wasn’t fear and adrenaline supposed to strengthen you? Iris caught sight of her mangled foot and let out a gasping sob.

“Oh… oh god, my leg…”

“Don’t worry about that now! We’ll fix you up! That’s what magic’s for, right? We can do anything, your leg’ll be easy!” Silver heaved, trying to pull her further up, “Easy, no problem at all! But, but right now, we just need to get back to the Heart!” she panted, “So come on Iris… just, just try to stand, okay? Put your weight on your other leg, that’s it…”

“Hey! You two! Watch this!”
They both looked up at Kia, Iris leaning on Silver as they watched her dive out of the way of the charging monster, its speed taking it past her and further back towards the edge of the Schism. It ran on at full speed for a second before it began to slow, then something snapped. It shuddered, one leg giving out from under it and sending it flying forward, scraping along the floor. It squelched, and as they stared, it flattened, its body pressed against the ground as if some invisible foot had stepped on it, slowly increasing the pressure as it went further towards the solidifying edge. The entire creature spread out, its body puddling on the floor, crushed into a red, muscled pancake. Iris gagged and looked away, and Silver had to gulp air to force down her own nausea. Kia whooped.

“And that is why you don’t fuck with gravity! HaHA!!”

“What…” Silver forced her eyes away from the flattened creature, glancing quickly to the bone monster, it also unmoving, but cracks appearing along its legs, “What just happened?”
Kia staggered over, grinning, her eyes alight for the first time, “Gravity, bitches! This place, it’s solidifying everything! And as everything gains more mass, gravity intensifies! The edges’ll crush you! Come on, can’t you feel it? If it weren’t for my powers, I’d barely have been able to walk back there!”

“Gravity…?” Silver could feel the weight, the whole world bearing down on her relentlessly. She wasn’t weak. It wasn’t her. Really, truly, the world actually was bearing down on her. No wonder Iris was so heavy. “Gravity is getting stronger?”

“Yeah! If we don’t suffocate first, this place’ll make us flatter than a fox on a motorway! Hah!” She grinned at her own joke, “So you better get marchin’ if you don’t wanna kiss the dirt!”


The platform with the Heart was clear, the stretch of concrete bare and untainted but for the chewed up hole in the ground where Kia had uncovered the Heart itself. Euphie ran over to greet them as she saw them coming, her lips trembling as she saw the state of Iris.

“Oh God, Iris, man, I didn’t think… I, I had no idea this’d happen, I’m so sorry… I should never have—”

“Shut up!” Kia batted Euphie away, “Not now! You and Silver, get on the Heart! I can’t do it ‘til I sober up a bit, so you both better start now!” She turned to Iris as Silver set her down on the ground, leaning against one of the platform pillars, “You gotta learn how to fix yourself, and it’ll be way easier in here. I’m gonna help, right? But I ain’t gonna be able to do it for ya.”

“I’m going to be okay…?”

“That’s up to you! You’re gonna be as good as you wanna be. Would’ve thought being in here would’ve taught you that by now.”
Kia shot a look up at Euphie and Silver, and they moved back towards the Heart. The smooth, featureless egg, shining a gentle dull blue in the crevice it was nestled into it seemed to merge with its surroundings. They hunched down around it, Euphie staring into it as if it held answers past its constantly re-growing shell.

“Man, this shouldn’t be hard at all, right? Not with you and me on the job.” Euphie clapped Silver on the back, “Like in the last one, we kicked arse! Fought back those nutters no problem!”

“Hah, r-right…” Silver gave her a wincing smile, flashes of accidentally tearing people apart and watching them fall into endless blackness telling her a different story, but if Euphie wanted to remember it that way, she wasn’t going to change that. “This one’s a little different though…”

“Yeah this one’s way easier. Man, when Iris transformed, I felt it real close and I totally found her stuck in this car that was just, like, sucking her up, you know? Just like in here, ‘cept she couldn’t use her powers yet.” She pointed down at the egg, “This one’s massive though, the one in Iris’ Schism was tiny, a little pebble thing. Melted it down easy!” She grinned, “This’ll be a little harder I guess.”

“You fixed Iris’ Schism? And yours as well?” Silver frowned, staring at the layering oval Heart, “You learnt fast… I mean, you must’ve been really good to do all that without training.”
Euphie shook her head,

“Nah, nah I’m way better now than when I met you guys. Already. Before, all I thought I could do was melt stuff down. Figured it was fire powers or whatever. Besides, I didn’t have a Schism, so by the time I felt Iris pop up I’d had like, a whole day of messing about with ‘em.”
She went quiet for a moment, glancing back over her shoulder at the pair behind them,

“Iris is gonna be okay, right man?” She bit her lip, “I act without thinking, like, all the time. I figured she could handle it, you know? It’s easy to forget how all this element stuff works.” She shook her head, “I shoulda just done what Kia said, man. I shoulda just listened.”

“Don’t worry,” Silver smiled, her face was probably going to ache later from all the forced bravery, “Kia’ll know what to do, she’ll get her back to normal.”
Euphie nodded, kept nodding, then shrugged,

“Nothing we can do though, right? So let’s get on this! I tried to give it a go while you guys were gone, but uh, heh, it’s pretty damn strong. You don’t happen to have any idea what might weaken it a bit, do ya?” She flexed her fingers, “Then I could melt it!”

“I don’t know…” Silver ran a hand through her hair, “I tried to change it into something else, but it was so distracting, I could barely get anywhere.”

“Yeah, it’s way too solid for me to break down as it is. Maybe if it was like, something really weak. You know? Or, really un-solid!” she shrugged, “I dunno man, I don’t deal in different types of stuff, I just smash it all.” She winked.

“Well, water’s about as unsolid as you can get, I guess.” Silver stared down at it, “Maybe if I just…” she projected her mind down to it, feeling its surface, the smooth, self-reinforcing metallic substance it’d created itself into. She felt it connect back, its tendrilous energy reaching into her mind, gripping at thoughts, searching for some way to force her into one set mind state. She tried to push past, tried to ignore her own mind and focus on transforming it, but she could feel herself rebelling. Water was so different to it that forcing it was a strain. She couldn’t roll with it like in her own Metasis Schism, she had to try to force it back against its nature. But she couldn’t just give in, if Euphie saw her do that, what would she think? She’d be disgusted. She had to show Euphie that she was strong too. She had to prove she could be just as–

“Heey, hey snap out of it man!” Euphie had grabbed her arms, pulling her away from it, “You started rockin’ and shit and, like, got super intense. All your arm muscles start twitching, man! You okay?”
Silver blinked,

“Uh, I… yeah…” What had she been thinking? The echoes of her need to be seen as strong still bounced around her head, but suddenly they made no sense. It’d managed to get so far into her head she couldn’t even tell, anymore. How was she supposed to fight it when it could mess with her mind – the very thing she needed to fight it? “Listen, Euphie, this thing it… it gets in my head…”

“Yeah, man, no kidding.”

“Kia did this thing, last time, where she broke down the connection it made with my mind. Could you, like, do something like that?”
Euphie shifted a little,

“Uh, well, I dunno man, that doesn’t sound like such a great idea…”

“Why not?”

“Well… I ain’t so good with my powers. Like, I can melt stuff sure, but… I don’t wanna mess with your head. I don’t wanna, like…” she winced, “Melt it.”
Silver frowned,

“Alright… well if that’s out, I need to find a way to do it fast…” She tapped her head, staring at it, “Something easier than pure water…”

“What about some other kinda metal. Like, somethin’ I could melt easier.”

“Yeah, something that turns to liquid really easily… I wish I’d paid more attention in Science back in school…”

“Hah,” Euphie grinned, “Don’t look at me, man, I don’t know anything about it.”
Silver thought hard, what metals melted really easily? She’d seen pictures of molten vats of stuff on TV on documentaries and movies when they made weapons, but she didn’t know what they actually were. Was there any use for metal that wouldn’t harden? “What about… what’s that stuff they use in thermometers? Quicksilver or something.”

“Oh yeah! That stuff! Man, I broke one once, that shit is cool. Slides around everywhere.”

“What if I turned it into that? I’ve never seen it as anything but liquid, but it’s metal right?”

“Worth a shot!” Euphie grinned.

She cast her mind back in, determined now, with a purpose. She felt it grab onto her, felt it probe her mind to force her into one mental process, but she focussed as quickly as she could. She could see it, that quicksilver stuff, all shiny, two-tone iridescent like silver oil. She saw it melt, watched it collapse in her mind. Its strength was in its mass, but as liquid, that just made it broader. She could feel it moulding with her mind, even as it tried to mould hers.

“Ohh damn! That’s awesome! I’m well jealous, I wish I could do that!” Euphie leant over the crevice now filled with blueish mercury, “Okay lemme try! I’m gonna break it apart!”

But Silver could see it recombining. She watched it slide together, reconstituting into a singular egg-like shape. It was weaker, that much was sure, but its forces were focussed on turning itself back into the strong, solid object it had just been. Euphie was struggling against it, her attempts gradually creating a tiny whirlpool in the centre, but little more. It gathered itself together around her as if she were little more than a nuisance, getting in its way.
Silver reached out again, she had to hold it still. Liquid was weak and malleable, but hard to concentrate on. But there was one way she knew to deal with it, and from there, she’d had practice. She reimagined the pool, reforming it in her mind, and with her mind came reality. And in reality, steam rose from the pool of quicksilver as it lay there solid, yet liquid. Cracks appeared across its surface as it fought against its new form of being, but Euphie’s own force sent a great rift down the middle of it, and split it clean apart.

“Oh, damn, you’ve frozen it solid! Nice going, man! It’s way easier to split up now!” Euphie jerked her head at it as if she were headbutting it from afar, and another crack appeared,

“Oh, oh! I know! It’s frozen, so, like, turn the rest to water! If I melt it right, it’ll evaporate!” She grinned, “Good luck coming back from that, eh?”


Silver nodded, she’d planned on doing the vibrations again, but of course this wasn’t like the fire-ice, Euphie could actually melt this. Now that they’d weakened it, it was getting easier all the time. She could think straight, and with Euphie backing her up she could keep it under control. As it was broken into chunks, she transformed each bit into pure water-based ice, the fragments so easy to change it barely took any effort. Euphie cheered as the first of them gushed into a geyser of steam from her force.

“Woo! Did you see that! We’re getting it Silver!”

The chunks began to explode into pockets of steam one by one, and as Silver looked away, she found that the station was practically gone. The earth and concrete had merged to form huge plateaus from the ground, and as she looked up past them, the sky had been completely merged with the walls that’d been growing up at the edges. The entire Schism was enclosed, the plateaus actually colossal stalagmites trying to rejoin with the sky. This place wasn’t going to fall apart like Entropis, or devolve into utter chaos like Metasis… Immallea turned the world into one solid, constant bubble of one substance. Fail to stop it and they’d be crushed and incorporated, everything becoming one. Was this the true face of refinement? Of purity? All three forces of the world, their governing balance, as Kia had put it, were so horrendous when unrestrained. She watched the towers of rock reach the ceiling and spread, as if they were in some huge earthen lava lamp, and all of a sudden she could imagine the earth forming, the three forces working in conjunction to form the careful planet they called home. She thought back to the pictures she’d seen in school books of the world, filled with volcanoes and ash and lava, and now could imagine these three forces doing battle, wrestling amongst each other to stake their claim, tides of power forcing inert matter to life. The calm they’d achieved in the end that had allowed life to flourish and grow, what had unsettled it? What had caused these Schisms to tear this world apart once more?

“Yeah! Last one!” Euphie was silhouetted by a last gush of steam, “This Schism is going doooown!”

The world began to crack. Solid rock fragmented above their heads, shards falling down across what had once been a station. The entire Schism began to fracture as though they were inside a giant egg, and as the walls broke apart, reality rushed in to reclaim the stolen space. The world righted itself, forcing reality back upon the over-purified solidity of Immallea. Balance was restored, and everything amiss disappeared. The destroyed trains and mutated people were gone as if they’d never existed at all. Litter blew along in the wind, tumbling across concrete and gravel to get caught in patches of grass. Around them, the automated announcer chimed, and informed them that the station was closed. Traffic all but drowned out the noise of birds. Yes, this was reality again alright.

“Wooo! Yeah! We did it! You and me, Silver! What a team!”
Silver’s arm was grabbed and whirled around by a celebratory Euphie, bouncing her way around her. The cheer was infectious, and Silver felt herself starting to grin, only for the dancing to abruptly stop. Euphie dropped Silver’s arm and ran over to Iris, who was sitting on the concrete by the pillar. Her arm seemed back to normal, but she was still holding her leg, frowning.

“Hey man, your arm! Your arm’s okay! Your leg’ll be fine too, right?” Euphie turned to Kia, who stood over Iris as she worked, “Her leg’ll be fine, yeah?”

“Yeah. She’ll be fine. She’s got the hang of it, let her concentrate.”

“But, that’s awesome! I mean, she can heal herself! Like, her arm was pretty damn busted, so if she can fix that, she can fix her leg no problem, right?”

“Yes, yes, sure. Be quiet would you?”

“And we fixed the Schism too, so like, everything worked out fine! We’re a pretty bad ass team! Next time, Silver and me, we’re gonna–”

“Euphie!” Iris looked up from her leg, “Will you shut the hell up? I’m trying to concentrate!”

“Right, right,” Euphie nodded, backing off, “Yeah, sorry Iris…”
Iris put her head down, glaring at her leg, and closed her eyes. “It… it didn’t work out fine. Don’t you get it? Didn’t you see how many trains full of people were just… just slaughtered in there? How can you see all those deaths and say it all worked out fine!?”
She put her hands to her face, then slowly ran them up and through her thick black hair, letting out a deep breath,

“How can you talk about next time like it’s some kinda game? We’ve got these tiny little powers, and we’re fighting against entire breaches in reality, and you act like we’ll just keep going forever…”
The world had come together, and now the world was coming apart. How could they fight that with their abilities? The forces they were up against transcended human imagining. These weren’t just forces of nature, these were the very concepts that created nature, in all its force. Were they really making a difference, or just standing against a tide, feeling victorious because the wave hit them first?

“What if this isn’t just here?” Iris grit her teeth, “What if this is happening everywhere? All across the world? We can’t stop them all! Do we just assume there’s other girls out there fighting other Schisms and winning?”
She gasped, her outburst sapping her strength and she clung to her leg, reeling from the pain. Silver stood, stunned. She had no answers. Neither, it seemed, did Euphie.

“You’re quite right, Iris.” Kia stood, motionless and emotionless, “And you’re really very quick to pick up on all that. We can’t go on fighting, it’s an endless cycle, and it ain’t ever gonna get better. Reality doesn’t give a shit if we live or die.”
She stepped forward, into the middle of them,

“We can’t keep fighting, but we can’t not fight. Too many lives are at stake, right?” She nodded, slowly, as if they’d agreed, “We all know this has to end.”

“How… how can it end?” Iris looked up past tear stained cheeks, “It’s just hopeless…”

“It’s taken time to work it out, and it takes a lot of work, but my old teammate Maddy and me… well, we figured it out.” She opened her arms out, wide and expansive, “A way to change everything at once. A way to make the world stable again.” Her arms dropped, “But we couldn’t do it. The two of us weren’t enough. And then… and then she died.” Kia’s face was blank. “Now there’s four of us.” She said, “And one of each element at that. We might just be able to pull it off.”
She smiled,

“What do ya say we give it one last shot?”

“What do ya say we try to save the world?”


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